If you have sewer RATS (or bats, or mice), Adcock is the company for you. Be patient. Rat removal can be a lengthy process and may involve expensive plumbing repairs you didn’t know you needed. John will work with you throughout the process. He is very knowledgeable and if you have a problem he hasn’t seen before, he will work to solve it. Rats are crafty, and it takes time to figure out how they are getting into your house and how to get them out. Bear with Adcock while you are fighting the rat fight and you will ultimately be grateful for their knowledge and professionalism.

– Ann September 2019

No one can ever question the effort this young man exhibited today. From actually being IN the water surrounding the decomposing body of an enormous animal to dragging said animal to the dock to using whatever he had on his truck to hoist the animal up and into the truck bed and cleaning up the mess left behind, all by himself no less.It truly seemed an excruciating and disgusting task. I can’t recall any customer service experience that seemed on par with the amount of follow through I have witnessed today.thank you Adcocks , thank you Aaron, we appreciate your work at Millersville community marina on old orchard circle. You are amazing

– Donna & Millersville Community MarinaAugust 2019

Will P. did a fantastic job and is very knowledgeable. He knew what we’d catch even before we did! We had a three-day trapping going on this week, he came to check at the same time every morning and he just left with the last two critters (accidental raccoons!) after catching the groundhogs earlier this week. I highly recommend Adcock’s Trapping, they are friendly, efficient, and well priced. Thank you very much!

– CarolineJune 2019

Justin did a GREAT job! He was patient and persistent in helping us with a whole family of raccoons. I am so happy we found you guys

– LizaJune 2019

Excellent service at a reasonable price! Had bird nest in my kitchen exhaust vent. Aaron was wonderful, professional and polite. He had to remove the hood over my stove, blow out the vent, carry a ladder over a brick wall, apply wire mesh to the outside entrance to the vent and reassemble the hood. He cleaned everything up afterward – presenting a pleasant attitude the entire time. I definitely recommend this company. – and actually already have.

– RebeccaMay 2019

They are great

– MicheleMay 2019

talked to me on the phone and gave me great advice even though he knew that he did not service my area.

– JoyceMarch 2019

We couldn’t be more pleased with Adcock’s and especially with Joseph (“J.P.”), who was able to rid our garage attic of 4 baby squirrels who apparently were abandoned by their mother. J.P. was very persistent trying to treat the little critters in a humane fashion. He was also very professional and diligently communicated with me each step along the way. Once the squirrels were removed, he “barricaded” the entry hole on the outside of the garage to keep it impenetrable until our contractor could come to repair it. We appreciated everything and would highly recommend this company and especially J.P.!

– JudyMay 2019

Excellent service from this company! The squirrels living in my attic were removed and their entrance sealed. Each employee was professional and demonstrated expertise. Highly recommend this company!

– JanisMarch 2019

Clint did a great job assessing that the disaster area in my backyard had been caused by raccoons digging for grubs; set the traps and solved the raccoon issue. Andy did a great job in checking the traps. Both Clint and Andy provided expert, professional experience. Greatly appreciate the high quality service provided to solve the problem. Jamie

-JamieMarch 2019

Bob did a great job diagnosing my squirrel in the attic issue. Spent a lot of time walking through my home and explaining issues to me. Joseph and Andy did a great job trapping the squirrels, explaining the process and going the extra mile when necessary. Wish every company was as talented and customer oriented as this one.

– WillDecember 2018

Owning my own business, it’s refreshing to experience great customer service from other businesses. Chris a employee at Adcock Trapping service was extremely professionals, quickly discovered my problem, very knowledgeable of my situation and fixed it. He really values his profession and providing great support.

– WalterNovember 2018

Had a recent Raccoon problem in the attic crawl space. When I called ATS there was a friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the line and she immediately took the information and explained the process the trappers go through. They were able to come out the same day and set the traps. “Will” was the trapper on the case and he was very thorough, professional and polite.It only took a few minutes to spot the entry point and we were in business. Early the next morning Will called to let me know they had one in the trap and would be checking each morning for the next several days to make sure there was no more activity. Many thanks to all of you! Adcock’s gets the job done.

– SteveOctober 2018

Heard scratching and thumpin in my ceiling,landlord called adcocks, adcocks sent aaron, problem solved. After he got all the criitas out the house he sent Matt and John and they closed it down. Crazy happy, best ever. #AaronRealTrapGod

– JaredSeptember 2018

Heard a crackling noise in my wall/ceiling.had 7 other companies out to identify my problem, no success. Finally decided to go critical mass and call in the big (expensive) guns. One word. WOW. Ask for Aaron. He came and within 20 minutes and a quick roof/attic check he correctly assessed my problem. Bees. I did not believe him at first but his pictures and videos and demonstrations with his thermal camera proved beyond doubt his keen senses are not questionable. He explained that bugs are not adcocks expertise (could have fooled me) and that they cannot resolve my issue with any guaranteed agreed upon terms of satisfaction. Quite refreshing for a company to send a tech that does not solve my problem but left my wife and I satisfied more than my wildest expectations. Couldn’t fix my problem but adcocks was so good that they identified within mere minutes what several other top rated companies fumbled over. Aaron and ?Roo? I believe his name was even set up ladders and sprayed and removed as much as they could considering they don’t do bees. Fair price and tremendous effort. Thank you Aaron and ?Roo?thank you adcocks

– NickyAugust 2018

One Stop Shop. We called adcocks when a squirrel managed its way into our fireplace and seemed traped, not even an hour had passed when aaron arrived and quickly determined exactly how the squirrel was able to get in our fireplace. In his attempt to get the squirrel he found 3 little pink baby squirrels.he was not able to catch the mother by hand so he set a cage in our fireplace and checked our roof to determine how vulnerable our house was. He took him time to check every inch of our roof taking pictures so he could better explain to us his findings.he was not able to catch the mother while he was at our home so he took care of the babies overnight, I made him prove it to me, then returned very early the next morning and removed the mother and took the whole family to be released together somewhere else. He then sealed our chimney. Start to finish genuine effort definitely the best in their field. Thank you adcock

– OlneyJuly 2018

I had a problem with birds in my outside vent. The birds had vacated but one had died and three eggs were left. The smell in my bathroom was really bad. Eric came out on Saturday and temporarily closed of the outside vent. He came back Monday and removed the inside vent and removed the nest, dead bird and eggs. Disinfected and my very bad smell is completely gone. Installed a new vent door on outside to prevent birds from getting back in. Eric was very professional and did an outstanding job. Thanks for a job well done. I will be Referring the service to my neighbor who also has the same problem.

– AaronJune 2018

Earlier this year I kept hearing small noises in my walls and/or attic, not all the time, but periodically, usually between about 6 pm and 9:30 pm. Mouse traps were set in my basement, which eventually resulted in catching 4 mice, but they was not the cause. I called you back and the original inspector finally got in my attic spaces and spotted raccoons. Traps were set, and a couple days later a raccoon was caught and taken away. Next day another one. Over the weekend traps were left open, but baited, and no visitors. So your wonderful technician, Aaron, sealed the entry point. Then traps were set INSIDE my attic. There were 4 babies that ultimately trapped. Aaron would come early in the morning – on the last day, a Friday, I had to leave the house early – so he came VERY early and finished the job! Aaron was clearly an animal lover – very caring. Too bad raccoons are so terribly cute, but unfortunately potentially dangerous – and NOT welcome visitors in my home! Adcocks is the best! I learned a lot from Aaron. I was posting pictures of the captives on FB and giving your company kudos each time! Thank you.

– Ginger June 2018

i did not hire this company, nor do I know the name of the technician……… My review is a little lacking in that I do not know how expensive the service provided was or even if the tech was polite, knowledgeable, or even on time. I did not hire this company. I watched from my 4th floor office, I caught eyes with you from my window and you smiled and waved at me while a questionable raccoon looked on from 15 feet away .ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSIVE. Whoever you are Adcocks technician… many many kudos on your victory against Ol’ rampaging Ricky raccoon. The bow at the end was a nice touch by the way, we all appreciated it. May 8 2018 . Washington Gas. Springfield, Virginia. 430pm. You are great. I hope the situation arises that I can tell my friends to call Adcocks Trapping Service. These guys are GOOD

– Simply spectator May 2018

I was very pleased with how knowledgeable, informative, and polite John was. Having any sort of animal in a house makes me nervous. I wanted to seal up any opening possible to best lower the chance of anything coming in. John was patient, explained everything to me, and answered all of my questions. The company was also flexible with my work schedule. I would definitely recommend!

– Rachel May 2018

I want to express my sincere appreciation to your company for recent service. After the initial contact, your team came over very quickly and handled the issue. Your representatives (Matt and Ari) were very friendly and professional and were very able to address my needs. Thank you so very much. I highly recommend your services.

– Brenda May 2018

We had a raccoon coming after our bird feeders at night and driving our dog crazy. We called Adcocks and they sent Aaron over. Aaron was terrific, very pleasant and definitely knew his business. The first night Aaron trapped TWO raccoons in the two traps he set. He set the traps again and the next night he got another raccoon… and the next night he got another one. At the moment we are all out of raccoons and are very grateful to Adcocks!!! Hire them; they are good!

– Very Satisfied Customer! April 2018

This company epitomizes going the extra mile. We had what we thought was birds in our attic keeping us awake at night, turns out it was a mother raccoon and her young. We called after hours in our desperation and the company sent out Chris and though initially very hurried and short with us ( likely due to the busy season) he was very knowledgeable and told us while he wasn’t sure , it looked to be raccoons. Although skeptical chris assured us we were getting the best in the business with Aaron. The next day Aaron showed up(after calling us prior so we could prepare ourselves) and the real work started. No stones went unturned, absolutely awed by the sheer dedication to the animals and their well being as well as my peace of mind and comfort. Even though after the initial inspection there appeared to be no activity on our monitored opening but aaron was very patient and thorough and gave us 2 extra days just to be certain, low and behold the monitor finally showed some activity. After climbing onto our very tall roof and with great care for the raccoon in question aaron caught a lactating female raccoon and sealed our opening then climbed into our attic and after about 1 half hour determined the young were in an inaccessible area in our attic. We did not want to damage our ceiling as Adcocks trapping does not repair interior drywall ( my only complaint) Aaron stayed the course and tirelessly worked with us to find a solution. He found a spot where it would be safe to cut and maneuvered his was through our attic space and cut a hole to find the young only to find another very angry adult raccoon guarding them, he was not shakin or deterred he very cheerfully removed all his hard work and reset all of his cages(again on our very tall roof to see the job through to the end. End result is a great nights sleep. I owe my sanity to Aaron of Adcocks Trapping service. If you believe you have a wildlife problem there is none better. Thank you

– Rakesh April 2018

I just used Adcock’s Trapping Service and the service you get is excellent. I will be using them again in the near future. The technicians Clint and Joseph were very professional and did a great job in trying to find out where the opening/hole was for the rodent that is in my bedroom ceiling. They were very thorough and knowledgeable about animal trapping. I asked questions and they were answered to my satisfaction. Also, the office staff was very polite and helpful. Thank you for doing such a great job and you will be hearing from me very soon.

– Patricia May 2018