Bethesda Animal Removal Wildlife Control

Bethesda Animal Removal is a full-service animal removal company located in Montgomery County Maryland. We perform Animal Removal in Bethesda Maryland and surround areas like Ashton, Aspen Hill, Bethesda, Boyds, Brookeville, Burtonsville, Chevy Chase, Clarksburg, Comus, Damascus, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Laurel, Laytonsville, Leisure World, Montgomery Village, Mt Airy, Olney, Poolesville, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Wheaton and Woodbine, MD. We specialize in the removal and control of wild animals from your Bethesda MD including the common pest wildlife calls for raccoons, skunks, squirrels, snakes, bats, rats, mice and rodents. Animal removal in Bethesda is closely regulated by the County and by the state of Maryland to ensure humane and proper treatment of the wild animals removed.

Common wildlife problems that we are asked to solve in Bethesda MD include squirrel removal, bat removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, skunk removal, snake removal and rodent removal and all wildlife found in the state of Maryland.

Bethesda Squirrel Removal

Bethesda squirrel removal is a common call in the spring and fall. Bethesda Squirrels can be seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop and running back-and-forth on the power lines. Bethesda Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Control is on the rise and should be handled especially if you have squirrels in the attic. Many homeowners in Bethesda Maryland have heard scratching noises in the attic from squirrels which needs to be handled quickly so the squirrels do not chew your electrical wiring and conatminate your attic insulation.

Squirrels are usually tree dwelling animals and in Bethesda Maryland can often be seen running along our streets and byways. Squirrels should not be a welcome guest in your home. As soon as you become aware of a squirrels in your attic or home you should immediately contact a professional Bethesda MD squirrel removal technician.

Bethesda Raccoon Removal

Bethesda Raccoon Removal is another common animal problem we deal with in Montgomery County Maryland. Raccoons are very clever animals and they can adapt very well to the suburban environment of Bethesda MD. Raccoons dig through trash, dig up yards and destroy everything to obtain food. Bethesda Raccoon Removal is often needed as raccoons can get into your attic and create a large amount of damage in a short period. Raccoons need to be removed from your Bethesda attic.

Raccoons can be one of the most destructive animals in Bethesda Maryland. Raccoons are responsible for over $2 billion annually in insurance claims throughout the US. The damage raccoons can do to your Bethesda MD home can be astronomical. Raccoons damage ductwork, raccoons soil insulation, raccoons damage attic vents and pose a threat to your family’s health by possibly bringing in diseases that are easily spread to humans.

Bethesda Bat Removal

Bethesda Bat Removal has been on the rise for many years. Bats have been found in the Bethesda Courthouse, Bethesda churches and many houses throughout Montgomery County. An additional problem associated with bats in the attic is the large amount of bat guano that builds up over a period of time. Bats should never be allowed to live in your attic. Call a Bethesda bat removal and bat control professional immediately, especially an expert in Bat Exclusion.

Bethesda bat guano cleanup has risen over the past few years. The cost of bat removal in Bethesda is relatively low initially. However, if your bat problem is allowed to remain, the cost of bat removal and guano cleanup goes up significantly. There are additional costs associated with bat guano cleanup that goes along with having a bat infestation in your Bethesda Maryland attic.

Bethesda Skunk Removal

Bethesda Skunk Removal is needed throughout Montgomery County MD. Bethesda Skunks dig under the stoops or steps of your house to find a decent place to live. This becomes a problem especially when a homeowner has a dog- the skunk usually wins. Never try to deal with a skunk removal problem yourself, always contact a professional Bethesda skunk removal expert.

Skunks are a unique animal and we have found that they do some really strange things in Bethesda Maryland. We found that skunks dig under front porchs and deliver their skunk babies underneath your front steps. There are several other areas in the US that this happens and Bethesda, MD is one of the the areas that this is a prevalent problem.

Bethesda Rat Removal

Bethesda Rat Removal of The Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Mouse. Rodent droppings and brown marks along the sides of walls are likely signs of a rat problem. Scratching noises and chewed holes are other indications that rats or mice have found a home in your Maryland property. Rats and mice like to chew electrical wires which creates a dangerous fire hazard! In Bethesda Maryland, the Roof Rat is the most common, and they will often seek your attic. They will contaminate food and also live in your walls.

Bethesda Snake Removal

Bethesda Snake Removal is needed for the variety of snakes found in Bethesda Maryland, some of which are venomous. Snakes play any important role as both predator and prey as they consume other animals which can be beneficial for keeping rodent population down. Snakes can be very dangerous and will attack if provoked. Snakes usually enter your Bethesda home to find food such as mice and rats. A snake can enter any hole that a mouse or rat can.

Sealing all crevices where pipes and electrical wires enter the your Bethesda property will help prevent snakes from making a home in your house. It requires professional snake exclusion solutionas, property inspections and proper humane snake removal which will prevent the snake from being sealed inside your Bethesda MD home.